Remax RM-502 Stereo Music Earbuds 3.5mm In Ear HiFi Bass Wired Earphone Black

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Speaker diameter:9mm
Frequency response:20-20000Hz
Maximum Supported Thrust: 20mw
Contact Pin: 3.5mm(90 degree)
Cable length: 1.2m


A.Fashion appearance, Crazy Robot style/simple but exquisite design.
B.3.5mm stereo with oxidation resistance gold-plating interface, strong compatibility.
C.All in one control (music/calls).Wire control with microphone
D. TPE is a kind of Rubber with High Elasticity , High Strength and Character of Plastic Injection Molding. As a New Material, It is Durable, Smooth-Touching,60A Ultra-Soft and Non-Toxic, Anti-Aging and No Harm to Human Skin.
E. Angle earplug is debuged carefully improving the intimacy.


A.Try to avoid prolonged and continuous use at high volume which can damage your hearing, to make continuous wear hearing protection Try not to wear continuously more than one hour to protect your hearing and be better for intervals wearing.
B.Do not wear the earphones while driving or cycling driving in case of affecting safe driving.
C.Avoid placing the earphones in prolonged sun exposure, high temperature, dusty and humid environments which will damage the wires a lot and affect the normal use.

Headset break-in&tips the suitable ear pouches, wear it correctly and comfortably, to reduce the noise.
B.Choose high-quality music, use thirty percent of volume to play 12 hours.
C.Use sixty percent of volume to play 12 hours.
D.Use the normal volume to play 12 hours.
E.Use the eighty percent volume to play 24 hours.
F.After the above steps the headset break in can exert 90%


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