Alarm Clock With Wireless Charging AY-21

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The alarm clock features a built-in digital display that shows the time, date, and other relevant information. It may use LED, LCD, or OLED technology for the display

Alarm Settings: You can set multiple alarms according to your preferences. This allows you to set different wake-up times for weekdays and weekends or have separate alarms for you and your partner.
Alarm Sounds and Options: The alarm clock typically offers various alarm sounds, such as beeps, melodies, or nature sounds. Some models may even allow you to wake up to your favorite radio station. You can usually adjust the volume and choose the desired alarm duration.
Wireless Charging Pad: The alarm clock is equipped with a wireless charging pad, usually located on the top or the side of the device. It uses the Qi wireless charging standard, which is widely supported by modern smartphones and other devices. To charge your compatible device, you simply place it on the charging pad, and it will begin charging wirelessly.
Device Compatibility: Most alarm clocks with wireless charging support Qi-enabled devices, including popular smartphone models from Apple, Samsung, Google, and other manufacturers. However, it's always a good idea to check the compatibility of your specific device with the alarm clock you intend to purchase

- Time
- Portable
- Easy to use
- Thermometer
- Wired charging
- Wireless charging
- Sound source input
- Alarm clock function

- Package Weight; 300g
- Package Dimensions: L: 11.8cm, H: 8.2cm, W: 8.6cm
- Input; 5V
- Output; 15W
- Transmission distance; 8mm

What's in the box
1 x Alarm Clock With Wireless Charging
1 x USB Cable
1 x Manual



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